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Studies by DragonEmpress666 Studies :icondragonempress666:DragonEmpress666 12 3
Somebody I used to know (Steve x Reader) 3/3
Okinawa, Japan – Several hours later
 “They’ll see us coming from a mile away,” you told Sam, sitting in the pilot seat of the quin jet (the same one Steve had stolen from Stark and you had been able to hack). You typed in several commands as it flew towards the little Island of Okinawa that was now only a few miles away. “Blackbird might be an old American base, but Hydra has equipped it with high-tech security systems.”
    Sam nodded at your words, pulling the glasses of his Falcon suit over his eyes. “I’ll distract them while you approach them in stealth mode.”
    “Once I’m inside you get the hell out of there,” you told him, starting the sequence of your plan, while Wanda had stayed behind in the hideout to get help, in case you needed it. “Oh and Sam… Don’t get caught.” You pressed the button to open up the deck of the jet and watche
:iconsavrom:savrom 11 2
Mikaela Hyakuya-Owari no Seraph by LucillaArtist Mikaela Hyakuya-Owari no Seraph :iconlucillaartist:LucillaArtist 7 2
Mature content
Exchanging Favors (Levi x Reader) Pt2 Chp 13 :iconjdfernandes:JDFernandes 7 2
Merman Mika by ArgonLights Merman Mika :iconargonlights:ArgonLights 20 10
Lifeless (Mikaela X Reader One Shot)
[Lifeless - Hyakuya Mikaela X Human!Reader]
[Very short. Very simply. Pic not mine.]

Lifeless. That is what you were after they took you. 
You had never really been in touch with your emotions as a child. You hardly cried when you got hurt, after all, you didn't really see a point to it. So when both your parents died in front of you, you didn't react. You loved them of course, but then they were gone, and their memories just hurt you. 
You didn't move from the spot you had collapsed when they fell to the ground. You thought that maybe if you didn't move, they would somehow wake up. You didn't care about the screaming or crying right outside of your apartment. You didn't care about anything. Not even when they came. 
They broke down the door, but you didn't even flinch. One came over to you and instructed you to follow them. When you didn't move, he struck you, and that was when you snapped out of it. 
There was no point in resisting. They were stronger and m
:iconi-fly-on-my-own:I-Fly-On-My-Own 3 0
.:Owari no Seraph :. Yuu-chan~ by pinkDiamond1362 .:Owari no Seraph :. Yuu-chan~ :iconpinkdiamond1362:pinkDiamond1362 18 0 learn how to kiss by MyMyMellow learn how to kiss :iconmymymellow:MyMyMellow 14 1
reader x lost Island pt.2~ ZOMBIES?!?!?!?!?!
"So.... what do you think?" I asked Ren, who was squatted on the ground with a devise that was semi noisy, on the outside of the cave.
"The air is... peculiar," He states. Ichiro, who was standing beside me, bent down a bit, to get a better view of the devise.
"How so?" He asked. Ren looked back at him. Just like me, he had bags under his eyes....well... they showed more then usual.
"The reaction is strong...," Ren loosely laid his arms on his legs, as he looked into the cave, his brows were furrowed," I'll gather some scientist and we'll venture in," He stated, standing up. I narrowed my eyes as I remembered the warning Sohma gave me. I quickly opened my mouth.
"Can I come along," Came out of my mouth other than 'Good luck man,', Ichiro and Ren both looked at me oddly.
"Why?" Ichiro asked. I smiled wryly.
"I... just have a feeling...Please?" I asked, this time I looked over to Ren who raised a brow.
"I guess you can come along," said Ren with a shrug. I smiled and nodded my head.
:iconengland4life1:england4life1 2 0
True love's kiss (Bucky x Reader) One-shot
1943, Brooklyn - Before Steve and Bucky join the army
Are you looking for true love, but do you have trouble finding it? Don't wait any longer and get yourself a 'True love's kiss timer'! After a simple injection, it will tell you exactly when the kiss with your true love will take place. Brought to you by...”
    Bucky swallowed hard, taking in a deep breath as he stared at the small television screen on the other side of the waiting room. He had seen the commercial at least a hundred times before and each time he could feel his heart race. True love… he thought. Shit, I’m really going to do this... He sighed, knowing that at the end of today he would know how much time he had left until true love would come along. He had often doubted it existed, and he wasn’t even completely sure it did now, but all the girls in New York were getting themselves one so he couldn
:iconsavrom:savrom 57 25
Ghosts of the Past (Steve x Reader) One shot
The 31st of October: the day the dead allegedly roamed the lands of the living. As a psychiatrist, you had heard numerous of stories of different people claiming the dead do return on all hallows eve. Today – the day of Halloween – had been no different.
    You smiled encouragingly as you said goodbye to one of your patients, closing the door to your office quickly before you took in a deep breath. You loved your job, but on days like this, even you felt the heavy burden of all the lies and half-truths your patients believed in. You made your way towards the little kitchen inside your office and poured yourself a cup of tea.
    Just in time for your next appointment.
    There was a knock on the door and it was opened slowly; a blonde, handsome head of hair emerging from the shadows of the hallway.
    “Captain Rogers, please have a seat,” you smiled at
:iconsavrom:savrom 51 13
Naruto/Sasuke/Gaara x Reader: Dragon Princess (51)
Lys, the dragon of nature
~~Time skip~~
I walk through the main street of Tsukigakure making my way to the gate to get back to Konoha. My brother and I were visiting the graves of our family together to show our gratitude for what they did for us. Afterwards Damon had to leave because the hospital here needs his skills as a healing ninja. He wasn't happy about having to cut our time short but I just smiled at him and told him it's fine. I wanted to visit Touko because I haven't seen her since the Chuunin exams but she wasn't at home. Kiki has a lot of paperwork to do, Sheena left Konoha this morning together with Naruto and Jirajya to search for someone, Sasuke is meeting up with Kakashi today, Hinata still has to recover, Ino is helping out at her family's flower shop and Sakura is also busy with something but I don't know what. Sighing I decide a small walk through Konoha's forest alone will do me some good. After all I need time to think about what I am going to do. Reaching
:iconserenity93:Serenity93 4 2
Angel's Tears (Dante x OC) Ch. 3

Dante’s POV
“Son of a bitch!!!” I shouted and slammed my fists on the ground.
Using my demon powers, I slaughtered every demon that was summoned out of that book.  Rage filled my body as I showed no mercy to any demon.  After each and every one of them was dead and blood stained my blade, I turned to Trish.
“You,” I growled, “what have you done?!”
“I thought it would banish the demons Dante!”
I rushed her, hoisting her up by her throat against the wall.  I forgave this woman, I trusted this woman, now she betrayed me once more.
“After everything we’ve been through, after all that you’ve put me through, you do this!!  Where is she now?!” I demanded.
“Answer me you fucking devil!” 
I pulled out Ivory and pointed it between her eyes.  She was afraid of me, and she should be; she
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 4 1
Mikaela : Owari no Seraph [sketch] by StaticAirwaves Mikaela : Owari no Seraph [sketch] :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 24 16
Beautiful (Mikaela X Reader One Shot)
[Beautiful - Depressed!Hyakuya Mikaela X Reader] [Modern AU] 
[Oh my goodness. Just finished Owari no Seraph, and Mikayuu was just made to be! Oh my god! But anyway, back to you! Good luck!]
You had noticed Mika was off recently. 
He used to be this playful, lovable, little, blond boy who always hung around Yuu. As they both grew up, they matured, so you understood why it would make him less outgoing and friendly, but lately, he just seemed so... sad. 
You had tried to talk to Yuu about it, but he still saw Mika as "the same, old Mika." You knew Yuu was clueless when it came to these types of things, but you thought it was a good idea to ask his closest friend on the issue anyway.
When you were confident enough in yourself, you addressed the subject directly to him. But he got very defensive and folded into himself, almost completely shutting you out. You then decided that that probably wasn't such a good idea. 
You had known Yuu and Mika since you wer
:iconi-fly-on-my-own:I-Fly-On-My-Own 4 0
Envy x Reader Part 10 (Brotherhood Version)
The first thing you did once topside was take a deep breath of fresh air. You let out a happy sigh and looked around. 
"So, we're in...Central, right?"
"No." He said, sarcastically. "We're in Ishval." 
"Oh, shut up, you! I haven't exactly had the pleasure of exploring Central, you know! I was just dragged off, tested on, and left in the dark for a very long time. By the way, how many years has passed since the Ishval civil war went down?" 
"Seven or so years." 
"Seven years?! Jeez! I was expecting at least four or so, not seven! That means I'm at least twenty-three." You muttered, adding it up. 
"I don't see why you humans are so concerned with age. Come on, you're wasting my time just standing here flapping your jaw." He grabbed you by the back of the shirt, tugging you like he had not a day ago. 
"Hey! Can you stop trying to choke me!"
"Nah, maybe I can prompt you to repeat your earlier words if I keep doing this." Your face flushed in response.
You were
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 5 6



To much things!! That's what I've got! So now I have to go through everything in the house! So after I get all of that done I've got to do that tag thingy on my laptop. Golly you ever have that feeling where you want to just get rid of everything? Yeah I've got a lot of that feeling. Don't have that feeling? Well I've got plenty to go around!!
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Fake Friends

There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "fake friends"
To much things!! That's what I've got! So now I have to go through everything in the house! So after I get all of that done I've got to do that tag thingy on my laptop. Golly you ever have that feeling where you want to just get rid of everything? Yeah I've got a lot of that feeling. Don't have that feeling? Well I've got plenty to go around!!
  • Listening to: My music
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United States
I love my cat Bella!! I would eat ramen all the time if I could. I love to read story's but I don't really "write" any(I just make up plots for any character that I like). I don't like hanging around loud people (they give me headaches). I love any type of anime. I'm really sarcastic and have a twisted sense of humor. I love with my stepmom and my dad. I despise my real mom with almost every fiber of my being (except for that little part of me that still loves her for some reason). I have lived in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. I love sand but I love snow more!! I can't eat Chinese food because of a food poisoning incident that now makes me gage a little anytime I even smell it. I'm terrible with grammar stuff. So yea that's all I'm gonna put here so have a 🍪 And if you can't eat a cookie then have a 🌮... if you can't have either of those then to bad for you!


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