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Jareth X reader - My Master - Chapter 1 -
"Master ... time for your meeting with the goblin king ..."
the evil elf king whipped his head around to lay his cold eyes upon me
"ah ....Y/n .... your job is done here now go clean my chambers!" he demanded 
I nodded timidly
"yes Master" I replied 
I then turned and began walking towards my master's chambers 
I know what would happen if I slacked ...
or denied my masters wishes .....
he got very angry .... 
and he will show no mercy ...
and I've already learned not to question him ....
even if he asks to much of me ... 
even things I don't want to do ...
pleasurable things .... I have no interest in him ... like that 
but he forces me .... 
and I allow him ... so I won't get hurt 
more than I already am anyway ...
as soon as I was done fixing the room perfectly I walked down back to the throne room in hopes my master would be there 
"how dare you!?" he growled at the  king standing before him
"Y/n is my favorite slave I would never pa
:iconamyevans468:amyevans468 1 0
ToTN: Chapter 6, Page 4 by victricia ToTN: Chapter 6, Page 4 :iconvictricia:victricia 3 13
Sephiroth X Reader : Illusion of Strength - CH 24
Author’s Note: Some suggestive language in the first section, but nothing bad enough to warrant a mature filter.
    They’d been digging through rubble and twisted steel beams all morning.  Alec could taste the layers of dust every time he breathed, sure that it had turned his naturally black hair nearly grey.  The rest of his team fared little better.  Jekke’s blonde, close-cropped locks were streaked with grease and dirt.  Mattias, Abby and Fallon looked even worse, having been assigned most of the grunt work.
    And what do we have to show for it, he asked himself.  Nothing.
    They hadn’t found any survivors in the wreckage.  Just a half dozen bodies so pulverized and burned in the explosion that Alec wasn’t sure how the city would be able to identify them.  They may not bother to at all and just declare everyone from this block missing.  Easier than hours t
:iconvernichtenalles:VernichtenAlles 5 0
A Pivotal Moment Chap 15 (KilixReaderxLegolas)
Y/n followed the group all night, never gaining but never loosing sight of them. Her arms shook violently and threatened to give out with every push. Dark circles pooled under her eyes and she gripped her poll with a vengeance, in fear it might slip through her fingers.
The sun burst from the horizon just as the company reached the other side of the great lake. They abandoned their boat on the rocky beach and entered the sparse, bolder ridden, forest. Y/n’s boat shored long after the company was out of sight. She hopped out of her dinghy into the shallows. She grabbed her weapon and walked up onto dry land. Y/n dug into her pockets, pulled out her shoes, and slipped them on. She looked down to the ground and spotted the very distinctive tracks of thirteen dwarves and a hobbit. The girl smirked and forced herself into a light jog, carefully tracing their tracks.
Y/n was no tracker; she’d never even tried. In all honesty, Y/n wouldn’t have been able to follow the compan
:icond0gss:d0gss 7 2
Werewolf Reunion (Derek x OC) Ch. 10

The bed felt lighter next to me. Opening up my eyes I became aware that Derek is not next to me like he usually is.
*Hmm, maybe he's downstairs,* I shrug off the absence.
Getting out of bed, I make up the bed, go into the bathroom and do the morning usual: pulling my hair back, brushing my teeth, etc.  Once I finish I go downstairs into the kitchen hoping to see Derek, but to my dismay, he's not in the kitchen or the living room.
*Hmm, I wonder where he is?*
Walking to the fridge I pull out a yogurt and set the coffee. Looking out the window I notice heavy gray clouds up ahead.
*It's gonna rain today, maybe I'll sleep good tonight. I think I'll go work on my poor car.*
Finishing up my yogurt, I set the coffee then went upstairs to change into some jeans, sneakers, and an old white wife-beater. Coming back downstairs, the coffee was finished so I made a cup and walked out into the garage. I opened the garage door to let in th
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 2 1
she noticed you by schl4fmuetze she noticed you :iconschl4fmuetze:schl4fmuetze 67 0
Open Up To Me (Loki x OC) Ch. 12

The next morning when I woke up, I finally felt like I got a good night’s rest.  When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Loki was no longer beside me on the bed.  Leaning up to stretch, I didn’t see Toby sleeping beside the bed.
“Maybe he’s in the living room.”
After a few more stretches I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then walk towards the living room where I found Toby eating out of his dish, and Loki fumbling with something in the kitchen.
“Good Morning,” he greeted with a smile.
“Yeah, good morning.”
Toby rushed over whining for me to pet him.  I kneeled down to give him his morning scratches.
“Good morning to you too bud!”
He licked my face lovingly, then went back to finish eating.  Wiping a bit of slobber away from my face, I walked over to Loki who was grabbing some eggs from the fridge, and touched his back.  Loki turned to engulf me in his a
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 2 0
Royal Tutor x reader Strange Assistant Chapter 2
In a large lavished room, that belonged to prince Leonhard, the three of you sat in silence. With Leonhard sitting on his red cushioned couch looking annoyed, Heine sitting on a chair across from him looking over the information, and you sat next to the short man, but now in the exact normal way. For you see, you sat on the floor using the chair as a backrest. Happily, you had a white covered book with blank pages in front of you, and with a bottle of ink and a fountain pen you sketched away. The only thing that kept your papa and you separated from the prince was a white coffee table.
‘The fourth prince, Leonhard. Fifteen years old. If I remember correctly from papa’s info he has a reputation as the most beautiful boy on the western continent, earning him the name of “The White Lily of Granzreich.”’ Looking up from your sketch you glance at the prince then at your sketch, which was a sketch of what the people of the town make him out to be. ‘Never b
:iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 9 4
ToTN: Chapter 6, Page 3 by victricia ToTN: Chapter 6, Page 3 :iconvictricia:victricia 7 6
Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 4

“Come on Sissy!  It’s going to be so cool,” Bubba begged.
“I said no.  Now get your backpack you’re going to be late for school.”
“Please, I won’t ask for anything else all year!  I promise!”
I kneeled down to his level.
“When I say no, I mean no.  Not maybe, not yes, not even I’ll think about it.  Do you understand?”
“But all of our friends are going!”
“Damon come on!  I gotta get you guys to school!”
Damon scurried down the steps totting around his backpack that was a little too big for him.  Though Bubba was trying to pout I ignored him.  He’s not going to beg me to change my mind, when I say no, no means no.
Heading down the street, I checked my watch and I was going to be late for work.
“Just my luck.”
I picked up Damon and hoisted him up on my back, then grabbed Bubba
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 10 0
FOLLOW ME by schl4fmuetze FOLLOW ME :iconschl4fmuetze:schl4fmuetze 44 4
Royal Tutor x reader Strange Assistant Chapter 1
Bright blue sky, puffy white clouds, birds singing their merry songs, and the rhythmic sound of horse hooves as they trot down the dirt road. All perfect for the traveling. Happily, you hummed a random toon as you upon the roof of the carriage.
“E-excuse me miss, but are you certain you wouldn’t be more comfortable sitting inside of the carriage?” With a reassuring smile you wave off the driver's concern.
“I’m fine. I’m fine. In truth I prefer to ride on rather than inside a carriage. You get a better view of the landscape that way.” The driver chuckles at your comment.
“I suppose you’re right. I would have to say, you are a strange one, Ms. Wittgenstein.”  Chuckling, you lay back on the roof looking up at the sky.
“Not the first time I’ve heard that. How much longer would you say it will be till be arrive to the city?”
“Actually, you should be able to see it once we get over the hill.” And j
:iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 10 0
Altair x Reader - Chapter 1 + 2
I pulled smoke deeply from the pipe, the only noise to occupy my room was the bubbling sound of the hokka. I breathed out deeply, easing my chest from the stress still heavily hanging on my shoulders. Watching as the smoke lifted, and faded with the rest of the lingering grey above my head. Three hard knocks sounded at my door. I eyed it suspiciously, who’d want me at this blasted time? I groaned back a reluctant response to whomever was on the outside to enter. My door wedged open and in slipped Altair. His eyes drifted around the room before landing on me, comfortably nested on the floor surrounded by cushions of all sizes and colours. He strolled closer to me. “Rum, hokka, is there a prostitute around the corner I’m missing?” “No, I was under the impression that’s why you’d arrived. Fucking me is your life’s ambition, right?” “It’s alongside killing Templars.” He smirked. Eyes roaming my chamber he’d, obvi
:iconjdfernandes:JDFernandes 10 6



To much things!! That's what I've got! So now I have to go through everything in the house! So after I get all of that done I've got to do that tag thingy on my laptop. Golly you ever have that feeling where you want to just get rid of everything? Yeah I've got a lot of that feeling. Don't have that feeling? Well I've got plenty to go around!!
  • Listening to: My music
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To much things!! That's what I've got! So now I have to go through everything in the house! So after I get all of that done I've got to do that tag thingy on my laptop. Golly you ever have that feeling where you want to just get rid of everything? Yeah I've got a lot of that feeling. Don't have that feeling? Well I've got plenty to go around!!
  • Listening to: My music
  • Reading: Stuff
  • Watching: Forensic files


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I love my cat Bella!! I would eat ramen all the time if I could. I love to read story's but I don't really "write" any(I just make up plots for any character that I like). I don't like hanging around loud people (they give me headaches). I love any type of anime. I'm really sarcastic and have a twisted sense of humor. I love with my stepmom and my dad. I despise my real mom with almost every fiber of my being (except for that little part of me that still loves her for some reason). I have lived in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. I love sand but I love snow more!! I can't eat Chinese food because of a food poisoning incident that now makes me gage a little anytime I even smell it. I'm terrible with grammar stuff. So yea that's all I'm gonna put here so have a 🍪 And if you can't eat a cookie then have a 🌮... if you can't have either of those then to bad for you!


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